Payment Security News: Trustwave’s 2017 Global Security Report

The payment security landscape is always changing, so we are proud to share our partner, Trustwave’s 2017 Global Security Report. Integrity is dedicated to protecting our merchants and their customer data. Education is an important first step in cutting off cybercrime at the pass. One of Trustwave’s most important goals is to “stay ahead of […]

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PCI Compliance: Merchants, It’s Time to Check In

Protecting your business from fraud and keeping your customer data secure is always a priority. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS or PCI) is governed by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover to protect their cardholders’ account information. These card providers work together to recommend the best practices to protect merchants and […]

Developers’ Corner: The Latest on IBX

As the year continues to roll on it’s amazing how quickly we find ourselves in March. Our small team is hard at work on the great new features we’re looking to add for our IBX product family in Q1 and I thought I’d share some insight into what you can expect soon. Our first significant […]

3 Ways Contactless Payments Improve Customer Experience

What message does your point of sale send to customers? Are you communicating your focus on security at the terminal? If a customer wishes to pay with a digital wallet, can you accept it? The end user experience has a strong influence on how a customer will remember their interaction with your business. Contactless payment […]

Welcome to IBX Developer Corner

Hi! I want to briefly introduce our company (Integrity), myself (Peter) and our great new product family (IBX).  IBX stands for Integrity Business Exchange. It’s a product offering that includes our great new gateway that helps all the software vendors out there make it easy to integrate payments and couples it with our long standing […]

Integrity Business Exchange (IBX) Is EMV Certified

We are pleased to announce EMV certification for Integrity Business Exchange (IBX), our payment gateway and technology platform for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers who need to add payments to their software. Integrity Business Exchange (IBX) has been EMV certified with TSYS, a leading payments provider. This certification allows ISVs and other development partners […]

Restaurants and POS Systems: 4 Ways Next Generation Software Can Improve Profits

Technology is taking the food service industry into an era of unbelievable efficiency and refinement. The good old days of “spiking” an order, literally stabbing the piece of paper with the server’s notes on a metal spike after the food is ready, is long gone. From full service to quick service to kiosks and cafes, […]

5 Tips for Establishing a Returns Policy That Reduces Chargebacks

Even before the holiday shopping rush ends, merchants are already managing refunds and exchanges while trying to keep customers happy and loyal. Without a crystal clear refund policy, businesses run the risk of confusing both customers and employees who are processing refunds. Remember, how your business handles returns sends a mighty message about your overall […]

Surcharging Can Help You Save on Your Cost of Card Acceptance

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act made surcharging legal on a federal level in the United States in 2010, and since the beginning of 2013, Visa and MasterCard have put out rules for merchants who want to pass along the cost of accepting credit cards to customers with a “surcharge” or “checkout fee”. […]

The Clover App Market Transforms a POS System into a Business Hub

Clover is leading the charge in combining smart hardware with flexible, solution-driven software. The Clover App Market showcases the hard work happening behind the scenes to bring business management applications into their POS system. Clover gives merchants the ability to consolidate multiple business management services into one solution. Bringing third-party software solutions under Clover’s umbrella […]

Merchants Reap the Benefits of Small Business Saturday All Year Long

Small Business Saturday 2016 is almost here! Merchants and customers will celebrate local, independently owned business on Saturday, November 26th. This is the seventh annual Small Business Saturday sponsored by American Express as part of their Shop Small movement. This special shopping event has grown to enormous popularity and huge participation. 95 million shoppers enjoyed […]