Payment Security News: Trustwave’s 2017 Global Security Report

The payment security landscape is always changing, so we are proud to share our partner, Trustwave’s 2017 Global Security Report. Integrity is dedicated to protecting our merchants and their customer data. Education is an important first step in cutting off cybercrime at the pass. One of Trustwave’s most important goals is to “stay ahead of […]

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Catch the Wave: Contactless Payments in the US

Contactless payments are poised for growth in the U.S. as EMV chip compliance leads to wider adoption of contactless technology. The U.S. has lagged behind in contactless payment use for several years, but this may change as merchants must become EMV compliant and invest in new terminals supporting contactless payment. Apple Pay, Android Pay, and […]

5+ Ways Social Media can Help you Promote your Chiropractic Clinic

How would you gauge your chiropractic clinic’s web presence? Do you have a website? Are you active on social media? If not, you might as well not be in business are making it harder to grow your practice. An online presence is essential in the development and growth of any business, including a chiropractic clinic. Potential […]