Payment Security News: Trustwave’s 2017 Global Security Report

The payment security landscape is always changing, so we are proud to share our partner, Trustwave’s 2017 Global Security Report. Integrity is dedicated to protecting our merchants and their customer data. Education is an important first step in cutting off cybercrime at the pass. One of Trustwave’s most important goals is to “stay ahead of […]

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Guest Blog: A Perspective From the Shark Tank

Just like sharks thrive on blood, small businesses thrive on start-up capital. The merchant cash advance industry is swamped with ISOs and small funders, but it was Val Pinkhasov and Jason Reddish of Total Merchant Resources (TMR), who took the risk and swam with the sharks. This past October, Pinkhasov and Reddish pitched their company […]

Guest Blog: The Baseball Strategy Behind Merchant Cash Advance

Oftentimes in business, we use lessons learned through sports as a reference point in running a small business. As we wrap up the first quarter of the year, our local ball clubs are heading south to gear up for the season. And what better way to get ready for the second quarter than to look […]

Guest Blog: The Power of a Relationship Based Approach to Merchant Cash Advance

While business loan availability for small business owners has been thawing in the early months of 2014, the fact remains that business owners who are able to reliably get funding from banks are usually more established, have collateral and a workable credit score. Outside of this group are thousands of entrepreneurs who cannot obtain capital […]

Guest Blog: Where is your (Customer) Cheering Squad?

Watching the Olympic Games makes it easy to recognize the personal feeling of pride and loyalty that we feel toward the athletes competing. It is when the torch goes out that that feeling starts to subside and fade away.  Not that the feeling isn’t still lingering inside, it is just that the catalyst that brought […]

Guest Blog: Is a Merchant Cash Advance Right For Your Small Business?

From government shutdowns to strict bank lending, the world of working capital seems to twist and turn so often that the entrepreneur can feel like they are on a never-ending rocky road. However, the world of alternative lending is paving smooth and innovative new paths; one of those being the merchant cash advance. How do […]

Guest Blog: The Right Payments Processor / Cash Advance Provider can Save you this Holiday Season

This is a guest post contributed by Sean Murray, who is the founder of, the CEO of Raharney Capital, an entrepreneur that has played key roles in several start-ups, and an experienced veteran in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. September is the month that many people in the U.S. pack their boogey board up in the […]

Calling Guest Bloggers: Get Featured on Integrity Payment Systems’ Blog

Attention, guest bloggers! Do you love to write? Do you have insights and ideas that you want to share publicly? We’re looking for talented writers to make guest appearances on our blog! Our blog receives thousands of visits a month, so you’ll be able to promote yourself and your company as well as showcase your […]