Payment Security News: Trustwave’s 2017 Global Security Report

The payment security landscape is always changing, so we are proud to share our partner, Trustwave’s 2017 Global Security Report. Integrity is dedicated to protecting our merchants and their customer data. Education is an important first step in cutting off cybercrime at the pass. One of Trustwave’s most important goals is to “stay ahead of […]

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Meet MAX, Our Paperless, Click-to-Sign Application

We are proud to announce MAX, Merchant App eXpress, our new paperless application! At Integrity, we are always listening to our sales partners. Based on feedback from you, we designed this paperless, mobile-friendly application process for you and your merchants. MAX brings a positive customer experience to merchants and the ultimate flexibility to our sales […]

Omnichannel Retail – Sell More by Recognizing a Growing Merchant Requirement

The way we shop has changed and there is no going back. Consumers are shopping online, on mobile devices, and in-store with the expectation that all of these channels coordinate and work together. Multi-channel shopping has grown to 38% of sales1, and merchants are often found catching up with consumer behavior as technology leads shoppers […]

7 Questions to Ask a Merchant with an Existing Point of Sale System

Integrity supports hundreds of point of sale systems, including the latest in mobile and tablet point of sale. For our partners selling merchant services, Integrity’s experience with point of sale (POS) integration and configuration means your merchants will get the service that best fits their business. Integrity works directly with your merchant’s POS or gateway […]

4 Phrases to Listen for When Discussing eCommerce with Merchant Customers

Merchants doing business on the Internet need specialized eCommerce solutions to provide their products to customers. Many merchants are quick to think an online shopping cart is the best route for accepting online payments, but that is not always the case. Because online shopping carts closely mirror shopping in physical retail spaces, it is easy […]

Video: Testimonial from an Integrity Sales Partner

Hear from one of our sales partners, Bill Archer, about his experience with Integrity in this short video testimonial. (0:52) TRANSCRIPT: I got into the credit card business back in 1968 and Integrity does an unbelievable job in supporting their salespeople. They do a lot in house – customer care, merchant boarding. Every facet of […]

Add Value for Your Merchants with Cash Flow Tools from Integrity

Do your clients stress over managing their expenses? Busy business owners often struggle with how to keep cash flowing smoothly, worry about large payments, or wonder how to save money. When you work with Integrity our additional cash management tools solve these problems for your clients. Integrity is a direct settlement institution. Since we have […]

4 Great Ways to Improve Customer Retention with Integrity

Growing your portfolio of merchants certainly means signing new business, but it also means retaining existing customers by giving them the very best care and attention. It takes far less time and energy to retain an existing merchant than it does to win a new client. How can we help keep your customers totally on board? […]

3 Ways EMV Technology Can Help Win Clients

Since October 2015, EMV technology has been increasingly expected in the credit card terminal marketplace. Since last fall, merchants who have not adopted EMV technology are liable for a range of security and fraud risks. Consumers are looking for the chip readers now and want to see this more secure way to pay when they […]

5 Stages of Sales Support from Integrity

Integrity Payment Systems has found that the best way we can help you, our sales partner, is to provide a fair compensation program, and also save you as much time and effort as possible so that you can do what you do best… sell!