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  • HI I’m a small business a person text saying I’m from thumbtack ask me to see job power wash to be done in house located in place in Orlando Fl I went to house nobody’s living he keep text me for the estimate I sent he aprove and ready to pay with credit card I have no machine available ask him to pay by PayPal he said no for PayPal square or any of this offer me clover I sai PayPal or send me cheque he said Have A good night. I SAID THE SAME TO HIM .

  • By the way he send me Link to buy the Clover be careful guys

  • Driveway job. Customer insists on paying only with Clover. I have square and paypal. Only texting, won’t talk on the phone. Says he’s in the hospital with wife who has cancer and he can’t get to the house. Didn’t even ask what we were charging and said he wanted to pay right away. Very eager to pay and has never met us before. House is not in live able condition but want to fix driveway first???

  • Small business arborist. Customer tells me up front that Square “declines his payments” but he can pay ASAP using Clover. Clover has 120day window to decline the charge, so I would bet the payment would clear at first only to be charged back in 2mo. No thx. Square, cash or PayPal only

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