Close later, Get paid faster

With Overnight Money ExpressSM, you can get access to your funds the same business day. For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday transactions, get your funds on Monday. Our industry leading capabilities let you close your terminal out as late as 4am Central and get available funds the same business day!



Integrity EasyPaySM

Pay recurring bills effortlessly using a small portion of every batch. Great for rent payments, vendors and other large bills.


Every month I am able to pay off my rent and keep my landlord off my doorstep with Integrity EasyPaySM. Even better, I can make weekly payments to my produce vendor and put money towards my business loan so I don’t fall behind. It’s such a small percentage, I don’t even miss it.

Integrity AutoSaveSM

Pay yourself first! With Integrity AutoSaveSM, you can direct a small portion of every credit card batch to a savings account of your choice. Save for retirement, vacation, a marketing plan, or just a rainy day.